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How can INGO help you?

Originally developed for Finnish sports clubs, the customized INGO is now an event service for everyone. Tens of thousands of Finns have gone running, swimming or even wrestling through the INGO system. Now this service is available to everyone. Of course, the event can be anything from darts to children’s camps.

It will also be possible to sell the products in the future through INGO. YES, with the help of product management and e-commerce system, you can add products to the event.

Pricing principle

The idea has been to make a service that eliminates even the last reasons for organizers to continue sending invoices and browsing Excel. The system is simple and completely under the control of the organizer. Still, the pricing is kept as low as possible so that even small clubs can use it.

Free events are indeed free of charge, and in paid transactions the cost is practically less than any bank payment in Finland would be able to pay. The idea is to keep the price low with light staff costs and the possibility of advertising, so called ”Royal ads”. An organizer using a Royal Ads may even be able to make money from the solution themselves.

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Latest Events

Below you find latest public events. By clicking on the event, you can also see more detailed information about the organizer.