Login and create your profile. For paid events, we are happy to help you create your own profile and events. However, the system is simple and you will probably survive it without tightening your teeth.

Create Event

Create an event, add media (pictures, etc.) and go step by step through the information you need for your event. When creating an event, you can specify the questions you ask your participants: age, gender, allergies, shoe size – just what you want. Choose whether the event is public or whether you want to keep it hidden.

Money to the account and full reports on your hands

Maksupalvelun kautta ja osallistujilta saadut raportit helpottavat tapahtuman järjestämistä. Tickets have already been paid and the money is in your account.

INGO was developed for sports events and hobby groups, but it can be used for just about any event.


Ingo Free

  • Event pages
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Visibility in event listings (public)
  • Payment functions
  • Ready for product sales
  • Opportunity for advertising revenue
  • Free INGO Support Service


For ticket sellers

  • Event pages
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Visibility in event listings (public)
  • Ready for ticket sales
  • Ready for product sales
  • Opportunity for advertising revenue

1,4% + 0,50€


(+VAT 24%)

How to get started

Get started

Register for the INGO event service here.

After registering, you will receive an automatic confirmation message in your email and then the program will help you move forward.

Event organizer information

After registration, you will be instructed to complete the information as an event organizer. Once the necessary information is stored, you can, if you wish, connect the Stripe for ticket sales for paid transactions.

And everything is ready to create events!

Events and ticket saales

INGO makes creating events unprecedented easy!

When you are done with your event organizer’s profile, you can move on to the thing itself – creating events!

Events can be found on its own pages and you can direct ticket buyers to the right place easily and quickly. Of course, you also create tickets to the events on the terms you want, and each ticket buyer grows both the list of participants and your account.

Latest Events

Below you find latest public events. By clicking on the event, you can also see more detailed information about the organizer.